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The Cathedral of Ratzeburg, one of the oldest brick churches of Northern Germany, is a basilica with three naves. Its arches are supported by pillars and it is built in the form of a cross with a choir quadrangle and a halfround apse (as you can see easily from the aerial view shown above). The last restoration (completed in 1966) returned the cathedral to its late romanesque conception, so you can discover most of the unity and integrity of its original design. - The Cloister, on the north side of the Cathedral, was begun shortly after the completion of the Cathedral (ca. 1220). The cloistered courtyard is open for the public.

We want you to feel welcome at the Cathedral, whether you come to worship or pray on your own and to experience the fascinating religious aura of the place. The Cathedral is normally open every day, but occasionally services or special events mean that access for visitors has to be restricted.